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June 26, 2010


Alex Galletti

Tsk. Tsk. I'm sorry you had a difficult time checking your guns. It is difficult to maintain defective guns. Some parts may need to be replaced, while others need to be oiled. You have to be sharp in noticing little details that might affect the performance of a gun. The firing mechanism inside a rifle is very intricate, and a single hitch can cause it to malfunction.


I am glad that you shared this with us. I have never had any dealings with them and now I will think hard before I do. Thanks for the info.


Thanks for posting. I had been waffling between a Kel Tech or High Point 9mm carbine. Considering the price difference, it really seems odd that K T can't get it together.


ED. NOTE: Merle, Mr. Completely has nothing but good things to say about his High Point carbine. You can get a High Point pistol which takes the same magazines, too.

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