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June 08, 2010



Obama is bought and paid for. His party is just as in bed with the petrol producers as the Republican party, rhetoric or no. He'll make a lot of noise and try to talk tough, but what will happen?


OK. Suppose you're one of those bad congresspersons, the kind that takes graft, free trips to the Superbowl, etc. Has a mistress on his staff (or her staff; who knows?). This person's voted out of office. Does his/her responsibility for taking graft, etc. cease at the new person's inauguration? Doesn't have to return the money? The new congressperson is now responsible for paying the price for the old one's graft-taking and other malfeasances?

Oh, come on. Use your logic here. Obama's in charge of dealing with the events and can succeed or fail here. But he's not responsible for the antecedants caused by the previous administration.

RIVRBRO replies: I stick to my guns. The Constitution is quite clear that the second the President takes the oath of office, he/she is in charge and responsible. In reality, it doesn't work that way, and the electorate is more than willing to give a new President time to get his/her people in place to make the changes demanded by the selection of that particular politician as Chief Executive. So, how long is long enough, and how long must we continue to accept the bleat of Obama that he inherited this mess from President W, and just can't fix it that fast? It's been almost 17 months, after all.

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