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June 22, 2010



I do not think that either side is doing us any good. We need to get rid of the whole lot and find us some people who will work for their country instead of what they think is best for their cause. I do not know how they got to have so much power over everything. I wish they would stop and let people take care of their own self.


I would say, stick to the plain language of the Constitution, but nobody does that any more.

The Feddle Gummint is and has been overstepping its bounds for years and years. Used to be, it stayed within said bounds, and we could pay attention to State politics.

For the last 70 years or so, though, people who pay attention have had to aim all that attention at the feds, leaving the real-estate wimmin and car salesmen in the state legislatures to mess with us at a local level while we're not looking.


The problem with saying it should be centrist, is defining "centrist". It seems to be a moving target, although mostly it appears to be drifting left.

I've read that IBM's data systems were necessary for the Nazi's efficiency at running their pogroms.

I guess I'm more unique than I thought, even for an Aspie.

I've been telling people for twenty years (or more), that this country could easily outdo the Nazis, both internally and worldwide. The standard response I get is that "it could never happen HERE!" My retort is that that mode of thinking almost guarantees it will happen, because you will never see it coming due to your mental blinders.


Oh, yeah. I correspond with a lot of autistic folks on the 'net, and they are right sensitive to this issue. Unfortunately, entirely too many of them have not thought it all the way through, and think that "progressives" are their friends. The Progressives in the USA were the ones who invented the program which Hitler only imitated. The short bus in Germany was the first one ever with emission control, i.e., exhaust gas recirculation.

As someone who is at least a "half-Aspie", I'm right sensitive about this. As someone who has admitted to enough ethnic Jewish ancestry to have gotten you "sent away" by the Nazis, I betcha you're somewhat twitchy, too.


Surely your conclusions about our government being from the "far left" do not lead to a suggestion that we replace it with a government from the "far right", now do they, bro?

EDITOR'S NOTE: No, I made no such suggestion. This nation should have a centrist government at the Federal level, and whatever flavor gets voted in at the State level.

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