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June 29, 2010



Now I can see why you guys had a hard time loading the train. That is beautiful. I had an friend who loved trains like these. The water jug in one of the pictures helps to let me know how large it is. Hope you are having a good time.


Paul, I tried to leave a comment at your blog, but your settings seem designed to forbid that. Maybe you should allow a longer time-out period before the program makes one start over. I mean, I'm a pretty good touch-typer, but don't seem fast enough to leave a comment there.


Cool...Where is this at? I and my son ( and wife in closet ) like to see this kind of stuff. I've been wanting a reason to head to the northwest.

Cool set up.


Sorry about the bad words. It's late here, and I've been drinking, and that Kagan critter seems likely to be confirmed.


No wonder one of yer kids is an autie, you are such a foaming railfan and probable aspie. Don't object, I consider that more of a feature than a bug. We need more earnest honest people who are interested in weird fun stuff, like railroads, and yachting, and shooting, and preserving the fucking Republic (what's left of it) from the attentions of the goddamned bandar-log.

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