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July 03, 2010



Sound like to me, that you did what had to be done. You all rolled up your sleves and pulled togather to get the job done. That is what I would have done. I see a problem and I fix it. I do not stand around yelling.


Running the yard WAS entertaining, and definitely worth it for the benefit of the operations weekend, since it became routine to get the assigned cars made up into trains and the assigned trains out on the high iron in efficient order and timing.

It took the three of us less than an hour to sub-divide the yard ops into a receiving yard, a dispatching yard and a sub-yard for re-arranging the order of trains.

Think of it this way: if you have a train of 8 cars, with 4 to deliver, doesn't it make sense to string them together in the order that they will be dropped off down the line?

We did that for the way freight engineers who wanted it that way, although the majority seem to want to have to cut up their trains at the siding, the result being that they block the main line for a while...


You could mention to your engineer that "squeaky wheels get greased, just before getting screwed" :D

Actually, running the yard in some form, sounds more entertaining than riding around the countryside. It's an ADD sort of thing. More active, with variety.
That's why towing and autobody repair have such a high percentage of ADD workers.

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