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September 23, 2010



Bravo Zulu !

This reminds me of the mood right after 9/11. At that time I had to make daily trips back & forth across the James River, which is about a 4-1/2 mile bridge & tunnel between Newport News & Norfolk, VA. Thoughts of ambushes in the tunnel (shades of Afganistan) were pretty common, especially after a pipe bomb was found in the ventilation room. I decided to upgrade from a handgun only & included one of my M-1 Garands in the trunk.

Much comfort with only a small change of habits.



When shooting into an oncoming windshield, the bullet will take a slightly downward trajectory ( +/- 4degrees). If the car has stopped, or is at a creep, then keep that in mind, and aim at the normal hairline (bald or not) of the driver.

Speed matters though. Don't forget to figure in lead for vehicular velocity. If the car is +20mph, aim for the mouth or the point of the chin, and that should give enough latitude to hit from the cranial vault to the neck.

You don't have to practice that on moving cardboard targets. You just have to first, be a good shot, and second, visualize the hell out of it.

But when you visulize it, be sure to include all of the built in eyeball and muscle memories of proper marksmanship into your programming. You'll follow that programming if the S ever hits the F.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

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