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October 13, 2010



As I recall, you don't have a trailer for that M35. You might want to consider a towbar setup for your LBT. Normally I just make mounts that attach to the front bumper or directly to the frame under it. Just need two pins, or two bolts, to be ready to roll. Your wife can drive her car, and you take two. If this is after the blow, you still might want to get the LBT to a better location. Would help if it was a 4x4 with std suspension or lift kit, for the ground clearance, but your M35 would probably help define the roadway to some extent. Hmm, a set of tall, narrow wheels/tires for towing would get you a little more clearance. (narrow for fender clearance while turning, and compressing)


I've seen some of these towbars. The vehicles being towed are usually behind bobcat semi-tractors, and the towbars are at least 8 feet long. I haven't measured it, but the pintle hook on the M35 is at least 3 1/2 feet off the ground, so there would need to be a long towbar. Also, I'm not totally sold on 4X4 for ridge-running. I remember hunting in the days when over half the vehicles in the woods were 2X4, and a properly driven 2X4 pickup got up the rutted logging trails just as well as the 4X4s did. Mud bogging is a different matter, for that you need the traction of all wheels pulling (and locking axles, which the M35 has). History shows that during WW2, we did a lot of off-road and pioneer-road logistics with single-axle driven vehicles. I may look into the tall/skinny tire thing, though, since all the 2X4 vehicles used them in the old days.

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