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October 17, 2010



No disrespect taken, nor are you the first to make said diagnosis. However, what I am trying to point out is that Al-Q doesn't attack us just for the effect of the attack, they attack us primarily for the street creds it gives them in the islamo-fascist world. We didn't get "hurt" so much by 9/11, hell, in an average year, don't we lose ten times that many people to traffic fatalities? The average drunken driver killing a few people doesn't make news in Beirut, but a Jihadist offing 3 people at Lloyd Center WOULD make street news over there.

The force-multiplying effect comes from the fact that it is the political season here in America, and all the world's press is here covering election events (or will be by next week), so anything Jihadi which happens is going to get REALLY noticed around the world.

With Al-Q, it's all about manipulating the press, and this November 2 will see all the press that's available out doing their thing. To my lights, that simply raises the chances that Al-Q will try something. Hell, they'd be idiots NOT to try something. I would if I were in their shoes.

Daniel K Day

"Our Election Day would make minor terror events into force-multipliers for them."

Rivrdog: With all respect, you're crazy. Pissing voters off before the election would make them more likely to vote for the political party that is perceived, correctly or incorrectly, as LESS sympathetic to Muslims. It would also have, to put it gently, negative consequences for American Muslims.

If you're suggesting that it would have the effect of the Madrid train bombing on the Spanish elections, (1) Americans are more aggressive toward Islam than Spaniards and (2) the Aznar government doomed its re-election prospects by insulting Spaniards' intelligence with the accusation that the bombing had been done by Basques. (3) Any special measures taken by local authorities to protect Muslims and mosques would just piss off people more.

I think (just guessing here, of course, like you and everybody else) that American Muslims are aware of the above and are telling it to AlQ.


Sadly, there is cause for concern in your words.
If bad things are going to happen, I hope it is soon.
That way I will still be fit enough to help out.
This arthritis & COPD are really dragging me down.



You have a very colorful way of saying things. I like the way you speak your mind. I hope you are wrong about what the "D" might do if, they are defeated, which is what I hope they are. We do not have to wait long before we find out now. We need to keep our fingers crossed and anything else we can cross and hope for the best.

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