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October 24, 2010



#2: I would give some thought to finding a gun with choke tubes - that would make it more usefull for hunting. Some S X S guns will shoot slugs to very different POI's from each barrel.

#3: Some guns don't shoot 60 gr subsonics very well - I'd try them out before stocking up. Another "quiet" possibility is either BB or CB caps.

Also, I'd try real hard to make my stash invisible. Some folks even go so far as to have a poorly hidden inexpensive "decoy" so the burglars can find something & then hopefully leave.

I'd also think hard about rust / corrosion control - it would suck to have your stash ruined if you really needed it.


ED. NOTE: Thanks, Merle. I had a shotgun with a Poly-Choke once, and then I took some wing-shooting lessons, at which the instructor said to dump it, it was blowing my patterns. He also pointed out that a modern hunting shell uses a collar-wad, and those wads keep the shot together for at least 35 yards, and I shouldn't be attempting shots beyond that, anyway. Since he improved my wing shooting enough for me to break 25 at skeet, I've followed his advice.

Re: the sXs...yes, that's good advice, I will pattern it and also note the fall of shot.

Re: corrosion problems. Yes, that's an issue, but there are paper wraps with magical miracle goo in them which make for safe damp-area storage. There is also CLP-3.

Re: Subsonics. I have already shot them in the Marlin, and the rifle does well with them except it won't chamber the last round, which I then have to tease out of the elevator with a tool to clear the rifle.


This sounds like what my husband would do. I can not think of a time lately that he is not thinking about or buying guns and ammo. He really loves to talk it but I am not a very good listener because I do not understand them. This does not stop him from trying to share it with me because he thinks it it important.

L. Anderson, USAF (Ret)

The only other thing that you might want to add to your pre-positioned arsenal would be a used, scoped bolt action in .308 or .30-06 to allow you to reach out a little further. I see used Savage 110's at under $300. all the time.

Note: I don't recall your house fire, but I do remember the night one of my plow jockeys pulled the front bumper off the Base Commanders' GOV while trying to get him out of a snowbank.

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