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October 21, 2010



Y'know, that looks a lot better than the ones in which I rode for more than a couple of miles. Bet the suspension's no better, though. First one I drove was in Ft. Jackson, SC back in '68. Had never driven in snow before, but with that thing I doubt that I could've gotten in any trouble, just puttin' around the base. Sure would hate to change a flat on the side of the road on one of those things.
Hard to see how anybody could be more storm-ready than to have that thing available. Hope those winds stay up there in Oregon and Washington. You guys should be used to a few inches of rain in a little storm like that. ;^)


That is awesome.


The way you are taking care of this is the way that I hope to be taken care of when I get older. I like to go for long runs and I like being around people who want me around. I think that you are doing a fine job. I like your M35A2. It will help keep you active.

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