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October 09, 2010



FWIW, Hercules made a lot of engines for construction, commercial & industrial applications.

You might try parts stores that service these applications.



I'm with you, Will. The NRA is at a crossroads, and they need to either shit or get off the pot.


Problem with the NRA is the managers are full time paid positions. That is the basis of the problem, I think. Remove the money incentive, and the problem should diminish considerably. Right now there is no incentive to win, only to keep the status quo, so they keep their cushy jobs. Maybe they should be added to the politicians list for attention?


For Dot-5, check with speed shops, and motorcycle shops, including dirtbike shops. The USPS uses it in their delivery jeeps. Great stuff, you can use it to polish your paint! However, it does not absorb water, so any moisture in the brake system will pool in the low points, and rust it. That is the reason they recommend fluid changes often, to flush the water out.

Do NOT use it in any system that is not specifically marked for it. It will make some o-rings and seals swell up over a period of time, maybe a few months. Brakes will lock on, or drag, and not release, especially disc brake calipers. BTDT, got the damaged leathers to prove it.

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