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November 03, 2010



OOPPSS!!! I muffed it on that one - my mistake. I went the wrong way with the POA versus the POI.

I presume that even with the sight screwed all the way up, it still isn't enough. I have had that problem with a M-N M91/30 & was able to find some copper tubing at a hobby shop that fit the post. I believe it was intended for model engine fuel lines, but that was a while ago. I also put some heat shrink electrical tubing on it to make it a bit sturdier.



Except that the gun is already shooting about 16" high at 100 yards, so I need to RAISE the front sight (need a taller one). I'm thinking about going to a model shop with the sight element and trying small tubing until I find one size that fits, then put a piece on and gradually cut it down until it's right. Problem is, I think that is going to bring the sight up to within 1/8" of the hood, not good for sighting as the hood then gets in the way of the sight picture. I think I'm going to have to get rid of the hood entirely, or convert it into "ears" or "wings" by opening it up at the top and heating it to bend it to the desired shape.

Someone else must have had this problem, I guess I'll scour the SKS boards to see if there's a thread with good info and pictures.


Yeah - it was a complete non-event here in Virginia - thank God!

On the SKS with the Tech-Sight there may be a simple soulution to its elevation problem. There are aftermarket sights (typically a plastic 5 pack of assorted colors) that you can screw in & experiment with filing down to bring up the POI. Then you can modify the original steel sight to the same dimensions. Of course, that is assuming that you want to keep the original sight - I see the orange one a lot better, so chose to stick with it.


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