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December 25, 2010


Commandante Pensadoro

Skip, it's not that desperate a situation. I suspect that the first action by the Meddling Feddles will be met with such opposition that they will pull back, at least initially. If that first action in your neighborhood is by a local police force, that force will pull back into their precinct houses when their cars start getting taken out on the street. Remember that an ordinary car is about the softest mobile target there is. Until the local authoritarian forces get equipped with, at the least, up-armored HumVees, they are going nowhere fast. When 7.62X39 rounds can stop your car, you in deep shit, Honey.

If the people countering the authoritarians don't commit wholesale atrocities against the population, the vast middle class won't oppose them, since tying up the Meddling Feddles won't affect the middle class much at first.

No, I see a stalemate developing quickly. In the welfare-dependent inner cities, the Feddles will be welcomed, but anywhere else, they will be opposed. If the Right has any stones, they will seize the opportunity to politically negotiate with the Obama Administration and get them to pull back, eventually get them to grant amnesty to the fighters.


Too old to run, and nowhere to run to.
Just me and the Boss, a few neighbors and freinds and prepped.
Thousands of them, millions of us.
I figure we will last a week, if we have notice. If they kick in the door, 5 seconds.
It is so sad that we even have to live this way.
Some of us that went through the good times of big money, building things, being the top dog, and now watching it all come crashing down are scared shitless for the kids/grandkids.
We live in California. And we started it and can't stop it.
As I talked to my Boss tonight we agreed that above her sidearm she needs to know how to reload and operate all of our firearms, fieldress a wound and cover our back.
Why, on Christmas Day are we having this conversation? Obama!


Blast it-Red Ryder.


Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine. I keep my Red Rider oiled up and ready to go. I had hopes the repubs would grow some manhood after the election but dadt and start and the tax rate extension blasted my hopes. It appears the wimps in DC will make no attempt to stop the destruction of our nation.
Anyhoo-May you have a healthy-prosperous-happy new year.

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