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January 13, 2011


Jerry the Geek

The Hitler Solution (stages 1 and 2) were eugenics programs. Here in America we have a more enlightened attitude. We don't have concentration camps ... we have Planned Parenthood, and NARAL. "Women living below the federal poverty level are more than four times more likely to terminate a pregnancy than women earning above 300 percent of the poverty level. Latina women and Black women terminate pregnancies at two and three times the rate of white women." [SocialistWorker.org January 15, 2010 "Why Women Need Abortion Rights"] See? Nothing much has changed. :(

But your point about 'forcing' intense mental-health evaluations on 'weird people' is not to be taken lightly. As this is beginning to be perceived as a political movement, we can expect to see more pressure to intercede in the freedoms of people who are, to various degrees, "eccentric". What's the difference between "eccentric" and "Crazy"? It's largely subjective; and if the anti-gun folks (read: Liberals in general) have their way, they will impose new and even more draconian measures of insanity which encroach upon that narrow margin.

The Russians had a simple formula. Anyone who opposes The State must, by definition, be crazy.
Liberals can change only a few words to come up with a workable formula: Anyone who opposes common-sense measures of Gun Control must, by definition, be crazy.

I know you, George. I've seen you shoot. You must be some kind of Gun Nut.


That's a valid lesson for all, regardless of their age.


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