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February 15, 2011



Oh, on the Tea Party business. I thought it would get co-opted by Country-Club Republican operatives, and that's what seems to have happened. Hey, I'm just an old band nerd, at the Right of the Line, with The Colors. I am listening to the Royal Artillery Band right now playing "Daughters of Texas" by Sousa on endless repeat on my CD player. I might listen to the next track, "Kansas Wildcats", in a bit.


You didn't know about Butch O'Hare? Shame on you! There is a big airport in Chicago named after him, you should know. Surely you have heard of Jimmy Thach, he of the Thach weave? I hate what passes for modern culture as much as you do, but you should have known that.

I'll be 60 right soon now, and try to ignore everything that has happened since about, oh, 1970, because it mostly sucks huge donkey dicks.

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