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February 14, 2011



You forgot the best part of that al/water/gas fuel crap. Your mileage will typically drop in the same ratio as the al/gas ratio. The first time I put a tankfull of that crap in my 2000 Isuzu, I noticed that my mileage dropped from 20mpg to 17-18mpg - ~10%.
So the fact is there is ZERO saving of petrol 'cause I have to buy 10% MORE fuelto go the same distance.
If the new repub majority had any guts(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) the first thing they would do would be to defund the epa budget by the same amount that this fiaco is costing the rest of us.


I can buy that here, but I have to buy it at a boat marina, in jerry jugs. It's illegal to put in a road vehicle, but my chances of having my tank dipped is probably less than of crashing the vehicle on any given day. Cost IS a factor, boat gas is up to $4/gallon here now. It is mid-grade, with zero Ethanol though.

Ragin' Dave

If you think E10 is bad, just wait. E15 will pretty much vaporize the seals in your engine. I buy what they call "recreational gasoline" up here in Wisconsin, which is 91 octane and no ethanol. It's expensive as hell, but both the Ragin' Mrs. and I have to use it in our vehicles. Otherwise our gas mileage crashes, the engines run like crap, we have no power when we push on the pedal, and god only knows what damage is being done to the vehicles.

Now compile that with the fact that you cannot get as much energy out of ethanol as you need to create it. We're burning fuel to make fuel, and it's a losing end game no matter what.

I get pissed just talking about ethanol.

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