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February 24, 2011


Gerry N.

Here at Thugge Manor, halfway up the Puget Sound basin, we have two Toyosun style kerosene heaters. They're the ones suited to indoor use. While they do add a slight aroma of kerosene, which I do not find unpleasant, they do NOT produce toxic amounts of CO. Having forty gallons of Water Clear type K kero on hand means that a power outage can be ignored for several weeks. Several old style kero lamps, the heaters, some battery radios and CD players along with a good quality propane campstove ensures our ongoing comfort with no need of a trip to the store for at least a month. More if we block off the bedrooms and hall, easily done with old bedsheets and pushpins. I enjoy it more'n the missus, but she does appreciate that we don't have the discomfort the neighbors have to put up with as almost all the folks in the 'hood have electric heat.

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