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February 10, 2011



JebTX, the problems with giving the 'tards their 15 minutes is that 'tards don't read clocks very well, and won't take the hint when it's time to leave. I predict some ugly local scenes when the REAL TEA Party tries to take the streets again, and when that happens, it will cut into the effectiveness of the TEA Party, because the leftoids will make HUGE hay from THAT field.

Ragin' Dave

Every group has a magazine or journal. That doesn't mean the members of that group actually read it. That's the first I've ever seen that publication, and I have no plans on reading it. I'm a Tea Party guy.

And given how the newly elected R's in congress just told the old guard to go to hell and cut that 100 Billion, I'd say the Tea Parties are having a larger effect than we first thought.


I think the TPers are still out there, biding their time until 2012. We don't give a shit about the posers currently calling theyself TPer's, cause WE are the true quill. The true TPers have no cause to be in the limelight at this time, which has allowed the asstards their 15 minutes. Next year expect to see a return to the spotlight of the real deal.


Just because some jackass has decided to proclaim him/her/itself the spokesbeing for the tea party don't make it so.


Spent three hours on the range. Still trying to get all five .308s in the same hole, close but not yet.
Point shootin', one handed, draw from a shoulder rig and rapidly put .45s on the paper while moving.
Recieved a nice water filter set up today.
Ran the 8k genset for an hour.
Inventoried the BOB.
Nice day, 70 and no wind.
We knew they would get cought in the Dupont Circle trap didn't we?

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