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February 23, 2011



Have to say I disagree... the tea partiers have gone back to their lives until the next opportunity comes to take back our country. Remember, we are not a political party, just a ground swell of pissed off folks. Not much to do right now except wait till election day. If the "National Tea Party" Posers want to play with the equipment, let them. No harm done, and the adults will return to kick the rest of the asstards out when it's time.


Copied from an email from the RivrSis, recuperating nicely down at the RivrCottage:

/start/"All those world-girdling street movements are about corruption, at their heart. Corrupt dictators and their minions enriching themselves at the expense of pauperizing the average citizen. The uprising (continued) in Greece is ostensibly about objection to austerity measures. But why are austerity measures supposedly necessary? Because the upper strata and the international business and banking communities stripped the treasury to their own benefit for decades. And let's take the US anti-unionbusting demonstrations. Why are these arising now? Because the entire unionbusting movement is an extension of the corruption that has run rampant since Reagan's day in this country, based on, as above, corporate and wealth-management pooh-bahs and "their minions enriching themselves at the expense of pauperizing the average citizen". And the effort continues because those corps and minions did enrich themselves through the 80s into the 90s and beyond by plundering the "entitlement" funds (entitled means that by agreement, the party in question is indeed entitled to the benefit) to provide luxurious benefits for various segments of the corporate classes, leaving the governments now (unlike the situation in Wisconsin, however), in a deficit position and hardly or not able to pay those "entitlements" - that is, things people are entitled to by agreement or contract. A deal's a deal.

So, the street movements are pretty much about anti-corruption, worldwide. They're even stirring in China (famously corrupt). The pendulum was bound to swing after 2-3 decades (or more in some cases) of robber-baron style plunder, supported by skilled (or even unskilled) propaganda that persuaded the "low information" citizens that it was the right way to go, and that they'd somehow benefit from it in the long run - more trickle-down nonsense."/end/

Well, they cut a few parts out, but the soul of the revolutionary is alive and well....

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