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February 11, 2011



Have you compared the Kel Tech to the Hi Point carbine?
I will be in the market for one soon, and wondered if you have any light to shed.


EDITOR'S NOTE: I've never shot a Hi-Point. Briefly, they have a carbine to mate with all their pistols in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. They are fixed-stock carbines, and the only account I've read from someone I know would be Mr. Completely's account of his, which he swears by.

Couple of disadvantages of the Hi-Points...the pistols/carbines only take 10-round magazines, that's all that are made for them. Not sure if you can Tommy them up like you can do with a S2K, if that's your thing. Their price point is a bit lower, and availability is probably more even in the pipeline to distributors. They're probably big enough to have their own gun board, so I'd mine that for information, were I you.

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