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March 13, 2011



My credentials: US Navy Submarine Forces 1989-2003, Civilian Nondestructive Testing Radiation Worker 2003-Present

Minor Quibble, Chernobyl was not so much a "Melt Down" as a "Burn Up". The Reactor at Chernobyl was a graphite (carbon) moderated breeder reactor which did not have a containment vessel like those used everywhere else in the world. During an experiment with most (if not all) of the safeguards off or by-passed the reactor suffered a "steam explosion" which blew out part of the piping of the primary cooling circuit which allowed further steam explosions opening the reactor to the atmosphere. When the graphite making up the reactor was exposed to air by the dropping coolant level it ignited and turned into the worlds largest (radioactive) charcoal brazier. The burning of the radioactive material in the reactor and it's being able to get into the atmosphere is what made it such a hideous mess.

A _LITTLE_ radiation may be good for you. Radiation workers in the United States (and maybe the World) have lower rates of most cancers. Some how Cobalt60 contaminated structural steel used to build apartments and office buildings. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the residents had fewer cancers and birth defects than the general population.


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