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March 30, 2011



Well, might want to have a talk with the owner, and let 'em know you're interested. They might be desperate to sell, and figuring no one will notice if they advertise. Or, they may not have even thought of selling. That's how my dad bought property and vehicles. He would drive around and look for something he liked. Talk to the owner or leave a note. Said sometimes it might take months, or even years, but he snagged quite a bit with this technique. He would just keep checking back with them occasionally.


The reserves ARE in precious metals, Will


Same situation here in Jacksonville Beach, FL.
Employment way down, Realtors trying their hearts out, construction workers leaving flyers in mailboxes, etc.
My little place here is paid for, but I would sell and move west of Jax; value has fallen 60% from 10 years ago.
Policemen no longer cordial; they're under the gun as well; crimes of desperation by people who have run out of options.

I have a couple of .38s and plenty of ammo, but this ain't no way to live. I've always believed in commerce as the civilising philosophy over conflict, which is uncivilised, like collectivism.

We need opportunity to return; and we need a real free market leader in the White House.

Respectfully submitted,


If hperinflation hits, either official or unofficial, your savings probably won't buy that property. Maybe convert it to gold, and wait a year, or go talk to them now. If it isn't officially on the market, might be the best time.

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