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March 17, 2011



RivrDog, I totally agree with you about being prepared, and the reasons why. All of it. As to the potential threat, Jerry's View post on Thurs 17 addresses the worst possible case. The reactor design and current conditions limit Fukushima to not worse than TMI levels, and we haven't reached anywhere near those yet. I agree also that we have zero "reporters", only propagandists left. I strongly disagree that the Jap.gov could cover up to the extent you believe, nor do I believe that the data on site are as inaccessible as you do. See http://mitnse.com. See Jerry's post for why the efforts on site are proceeding as they are. Guesses perhaps, but educated ones. I am sure that the media has been criminally irresponsible about this whole issue. They have done their level best to insure that people are irrationally afraid of the situation. I like Liberty's link... Bruce is a very astute fellow.


JebTX, do you deny that this situation with several destroyed nuke plants demonstrates the fallibility of that level of technology? If you deny that, Jeb, YOU are the one who has bought into the hype, not I.

I have not said it's time to shelter. I've only said that the prudent person will be CAPABLE OF and READY TO shelter. If you READ my posts, you did not see me advise the ingestion of KI, all I did was support the idea of HAVING it. The level of overall protection that KI gives is miniscule, compared to the level of the potential threat.

That's what this is all about Jeb, it's about POTENTIAL threat. That's what I'm always about here, if you read my blog on a regular basis, you know that. Can I assess when the threat will be severe enough to shelter? No, no, no, and I never said I could, did I?

Have the media been taken in? Yes they have, but they've been schmoozed by the Japanese Government, which is making one supreme effort to keep the true level of the threat from the world. That's obvious by now, and I'm surprised you haven't seen that, Jeb. Doesn't YOUR Common Sense tell you that when you are being lied to as a matter of policy, you can't trust anyone else's assessment of the status quo? Mine does, and the videos tell me everything. Helos that are flying three times the drop altitude that would get them results, for one. Why do you suppose they are flying that high, Jeb? Could it be to avoid a radiation plume that their own instruments detect? That's the way I see it.

Bottom line, we have NO CLUE how much radiation those damaged reactors are emitting, but we may properly surmise it is considerably higher than we are being told. Actually, we are NOT being told, and that in itself is strange. If the radiation plume levels were low, why wouldn't the Japanese Government just give out the levels as a means of re-assuring the world? They won't because they can't, there's nothing reassuring about the levels and in fact, I surmise that those levels are high enough that they would have the opposite effect, and cause alarm.

I'm not pushing any buttons yet, Jeb. What I am doing is applying common sense, which tells me to be ready for the worst case scenario. If and when that scenario fails to arrive, we can cheer and shout Hosannah! I hope, as much as you, that day to cheer will come. We have a lot to get through before it does though, and now is NOT the time to sit back and accept the schmooze.


Here's another source for sane, science based facts on the reactor problems - http://www.ttgnet.com/daynotes/2011/2011-12.html


Brother Dog, you have bought into the media hype about the Fukushima Daiichi situation. One point to stand for all: the reactors are all secure, and have never been unsecured. The water is for the spent fuel rod pool, which was located on top of the #4 reactor (decommissioned in December '10) All the reactor vessels are intact, and have been so from the beginning. The best (and only) accurate assessment of the event I have found is from Jerry Pournelle's Thursday post: http://www.jerrypournelle.com/view/2011/Q1/view666.html. Stop watching the damn TV bro.

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