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April 13, 2011



If you look at the data on Arnica Montana, the oral supplement has virtually none in it (homeopathic dose). This is due to it being toxic when taken orally. No problems applied to the skin, other than possible dermatitis. Seems it has been documented in various studies to help bruising, and with osteoarthritis.


"I was using both hands to carefully remove the tape with a calculated pull," Ok then.:}


Arnica Montana - an herbal supplement that works wonders on bruises. Available as an ointment or pills. Check your local health supplement store.

A buddy whacked his thumb with a hammer - full force - went into shock. His Nurse-wife gave him a bunch of these tiny little pills (match-head size) which he took. Ten minutes later, he is back at work, and he didn't even lose his thumbnail. Good stuff. I have used it on less severe bruises and it seemed to help.


Yeah, it seems to me that I found I don't bounce too well any more after I hit 60, or was it 50?
And I won't even mention the fact that it seems to cause more soreness longer than it used to, too. A good soak in a hot bath tub will help, hopefully.

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