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April 15, 2011



JTG, Portland "anti's" are a motley group, most usually linked to one of several anarchist gangs in the city (yes, the anarchists actually DO organize here). They will protest almost anything. Their protests are characterized by COMPLETE refusal to link to any of THEIR own organizations (how do you ink to anarchists?). Information at the protest site had it that the AFL-CIO had sent some people to "lend direction" to the protesters, but I actually saw little evidence of that. A couple of people with the protest crowd seemed to stand out, but they weren't trying to herd those cats.

Main point, if you're protesting, you either oppose or you support. There was NO support for taxes, or even for Obama's programs, so we can safely assume that the anti's were there to stand about in the rain.


Umm, Sir, just what variety of antis were these people? I mean, were they "anti-war", "anti-racist", "anti-fascist", or just generally "anti", or what?

Oh, about the post with the cute AF gal in the pic at The Donovan's; while standing up in the bookstore a while back, I was reading a book purported to be written by some old SAS guys, about how to escape and evade. I heartily commend their advice to everyone, that if one has to walk around in a place with policemen in it, the first thing he should steal (only if he has to, of course) is a razor and some shaving cream. Since I've passed the age of 50, I've noticed that I can no longer go for a couple or three days without shaving without attracting official attention.

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