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May 25, 2011



Open your eyes, RivrSis. Your preferred political party, all in the name of Holy PeeCee, can't bring themselves to pick the right side here (if it's that innocuous, personally, I suspect a stronger (D)onk motivation to see the Jewish State fail). The Palestinians are pigs, thieves, murderers, oh, and did I leave out liars? By attempting to shove Netanyahu into a "peace" accord which would mean national suicide for Israel, Obama has made his choice of which race HE wants to succeed, and it isn't the Jews. His policies have damn few departures from Hitlers'.

Just Damn, and I thought I was being charitable by using the lower case!

Again, I ask: what part of Never Again do YOU fail to appreciate?


Calling someone a lower-case nazi is still calling them a nazi. I can't believe you'd call the President of your country a nazi/Nazi. I never called either Bush a nazi, even though their family actually did have Nazi connections!

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