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June 02, 2011


scott w

"rightist politicos"? Look around you, who has been getting rich over the last 3 years? Right. You leftist have got to understand, the taxing the rich will only go so far...The revenue gathered from that idea is not an infinite amount, period.


Most of the new jobs reported last month was McDonald's hiring seasonal workers.

The Halfrican is killing us.


That may be true (or not), but it doesn't at all address the patriotism point I made. And what do the numbers say about the supposedly great effect of dumping millions of indigent, children, students, disabled and elderly into the "free market"? Does that make a huge dent in the Federal deficit? I doubt it. It would just cause even worse social problems than we have already. And it will redound down the generations with further problems. Many currently successful people today received benefits of some sort in their past. Such an effect would be rubbed out by draconian cuts, and the benefactors, the ultra-rich and the rightist politicos, would continue their unpatriotic abandonment of the needs and values of this country, treating it like an Amazon rainforest, a banana republic.


Rivrsis, get a clue, you know how to use Google: look up something like "tax rates for the super-rich" and you will find data showing that even if those "super-rich" were to pay 100% of their income in taxes, it wouldn't make a dent in the bloated Federal deficit OR the 14-trillion-dollar National debt.

This "soak the rich" thing sounds great until you actually run the numbers, and then it falls down just as badly as "trickle-down Economics" did.


The "gimme class": The rich (and I don't mean $250K/families, either). I mean the RICH - multimillionaires, billionaires. If those bas..., no, people, paid their share, instead of offshoring their money, if they were patriotic to the degree they fleece the rest of us, the people you call "gimme", i.e., the poor, would have jobs and decent shelter and good food, and access to help bettering their next generation. But those ultra-rich are the LEAST patriotic people in the good ol' USA. They only have allegiance to their wealth.

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