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July 18, 2011



If one travels to Pompeii and looks at the grafitti in the baths, one learns that the adults in the community were convinced that the younger generation was going straight to hell. It has always been so.

Ragin' Dave

Any song that has a drum track I can duplicate on my Casio keyboard cannot, and does not, qualify as "music". Period. That eliminates 90% of hip-hop and rap, and a majority of R&B, a completely corrupted term that used to apply to actual music with actual vocalists singing actual songs.

It took us thousands of years to go from monotonous chanting and banging sticks together to get to Vivaldi, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. It's taken us less than a century to go back to monotonous chanting and the modern day equivalent of banging sticks together. I do not consider this progress.


Get over it. And get used to it. Around here, the hill folk's teenagers listen to "gangsta" rap almost exclusively. It's the people in their 30s and up that like tarted-up country music, and a few hippie types around here who think they are the salt of the earth because they have a couple of poppy plants in their "vegetable" garden listen to "newgrass". A few local musicians still love old-timey bluegrass (as do I, even though I'm urban by nature and a leftie).

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