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July 10, 2011



You might consider trying a different SMR. Skelaxin (metaxalone) worked better for me. It has a lower rate of mental fuzzyness effect, although I don't recall either one giving me that side effect. "The Pill Book" states that Flexeril causes the fuzzies in over 40% of users.

Also, remember that generics may work differently from the original Brand Name drug for some people. This can be in the target effect, and/or side effects. Keep track of the manufacturers of any generics, plus the specifics of the drug version, as each maker may have their own variation of the drug compound. Also, all testing of the drug was probably done only with the original Brand Name version.

Gerry Nygaard

Years ago I had a very nasty muscle pull in my lower back. The sawbones prescribed "Flexeril". One tab put me down like a poleaxed ox. I slept for over 24 hours and was mentally incapacitated for another full day. My boss thought it was funnier'n hell and called me up every once in a while just for the laughs he got from my confusion. Anyway be cautious of that stuff, it's dynamite.

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