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August 26, 2011



I've been through many hurricanes in my day. East coast (from FL to NC), Gulf coast (from FL to LA), and the Caribbean. Been through some intense ones.

I currently live in NC, and I can tell you for certain, Irene was as overhyped as overhyped can be. I've experienced the real deal before...this wasn't even close. The Outer Banks always gets spanked, but Cape Fear was fine. The Northeast got some rain, but no major wind or storm surge to speak of. This was all about media and government ratings. NOAA needs to go. They cried wolf. The problem is if people stay close to shore during a major super storm because of what they saw and heard during this one, they could be in big trouble. They're getting pretty good with predicting the storm tract, but not the intensity. They caused more problems than necessary. They ignored or manipulated the data from the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron. I believe the government and the media thrive on Schadenfreude. They want and need the ratings.

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