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August 16, 2011


red sole

I'd be interested in hearing. The TOS seems rather clear that it is not unless expressly approved by Amazon. I guess if the library got it in writing then they would be ok.


I still remember the neighborhood-militia sign in 'Nawlins after Katrina, 'nuff said.

Actually, the best way to handle these people is to say, "You and your family will be welcome to come shelter with me. Here is a list of my requirements for such an arrangement (hand him one). In any event that mandates this plan, I become absolute master of my property, and absolute protector of all I can see from it. With such absolute power, I have already designated my cemetery. Don't be the first to be planted there. Follow my instructions, or stay away, those are your only safe choices."


I was talking with a coworker a few weeks ago about our mutual emergency earthquake preparations. At the end of the conversation a third person who had just been listening to us chimed in with "well I guess when the big one hits, I'll be showing up over at your place."

The next day I stopped in his office and dropped three used paper targets on his desk. One had ten small holes in a 3 inch circle - I told him ".223, with a scoop, from 250 yards - my 14 year old son." The second had 8 larger holes in it scattered randomly around the page - "30-06, iron sights from 100 yards with a Garand in less than 12 seconds - my 17 year old daughter." the last had 21 large holes scattered randomly around the entire page - ".45 ACP from a 1911A1 - seven from my wife at 7 yds, seven each from my daughter and son at 30 yards." he looked at the pages, then at me and I said "I taught them all how to shoot, so when the big one hits, you might want to think really hard about calling first before you come on by the house."

Gerry N.


Those, such as me, who have space and have the things you are prepping to loot or rob are also prepping to do what's necessary to protect what we have, including shooting your dumb ass graveyard dead. I'd advise you (in a brotherly fashion, of course), to see a physician about your craniorectal impaction and seek a less brain dead method of getting what you need.

Gerry N.


Got the water filter, genset, ammo, no food stocks yet.
Looking at Cosco for chow, but we have limited space.
If in an earthquake I would lose access. Off site?
Folks close to us with farms ie: animals/crops will have a lot of friends soon.
I'm prepping to rob or loot the whatever it takes.
Interestng times.

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