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August 01, 2011


Jesse Sierke

Corporations say they ain't gotta pay
for failure 'cause they're too damn big.
Well, you might not get much blood from a turnip,
you can get all you want from a pig.
I see folks dressin' up like minutemen
a-picketing in DC.
If they wanna cut taxes for hard working folks,
then Wall Street's where they oughta be.
It aint't gonna be me, Lord, it ain't gonna be me.
You can bail out the yats of the big fat cats, but it ain't gonna be me.


Nonviolent? Tsk tsk.

Here on the left, I think OBAMA caved. He got no revenue at all from the Intransigent Party. All the deficit ameliorations are going to come out of the hides of the middle class and the poor. This is why they seem so "meager" to you folks, because you can't get much blood from a turnip (the middle classes and the working poor). And no one wanted to require the wealthy and the large corporations to donate a single drop of blood.

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