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October 07, 2011



For that storage unit:

2x4's and plywood. Build a second level inside. Need battery drill/driver and saw, as they don't like you to plug into the light fixture. Or possibly use a vehicle power plug if this is an outside door unit. Frame has to be free-standing normally. They get pissed if you mount to the walls. Just cut the lumber to snug up against the walls for stability. I set mine up with plywood sheets longways against the side walls. This gives you a walkway/access down the center of the unit, and lights up things better. Makes finding and moving stuff much easier. Ceiling is usually from 9 to 11 feet high. Depending on what you store, you might even go 2 shelving levels. Use at least 1/2" plywood to combat sagging under load. Smooth (sanded) on one side is preferred so stuff slides easier.
Might consider a sketch of where the contents are for quicker access.

This costs a lot less than buying freestanding shelving. Goes a lot quicker with a second person to hold pieces while you are screwing/bolting them together.


Perfect weapon for wolves is a shotgun, a hi-cap pump shotgun, #4 buckshot in it or slugs if you are shooting it at a distance with sights. When stationed at Westover AFB in MA in the 60's and early 70's, we had a pack of feral dogs in the game reserve on base. The gamekeeper (how would you liked to have had THAT job with your SP AFSC, Jim) went out with a riot gun, and wound up treed by the pack with his 12-ga and about a box of shells. We gun-club members helped him load out 30 dead feral dogs for the base incinerator after he came back to the clubhouse. The dogs attacked the gamekeeper in a pack and just kept attacking and dying, so... - "Honest, officer, I was hunting the well-known pack of feral dogs that devastate livestock in these parts. How was I to know a wolf ran with the feral dogs")

There are feral dogs everywhere. When in the woods with your camera, ID some dog tracks, preferably from a mess of several sets, and take pictures. Those photos might save your butt if you have to shoot a wolf. Even better would be game-camera feral-dog photos, easy to get, just leave some dog food out in the camera's view. Hunting feral dogs is ALWAYS in season, IIRC.

As for S-S-S, check the interior of the barrel of your shotgun for machine marks, re-barrel or machine-polish if there are any, load your own shells using card wads, not shot cups which pick up impressions from the barrel, or pick up your collar-wads after you shoot. No need to toss the gun. Clean well and leave dry in your safe. If you shoot an oily gun, you might leave traceable amounts of oils/cleaners on the pellets/slugs. If that happened, break your cleaning training and DO use solvents to clean the gun. The "Lupara" solves a lot of problems, leaves no traces.


Shoot, Shovel, Shut up. Then bleach the ever loving hell out of the shovel, and burn all the clothes you were wearing that day, shoes included.

Make a private party sale of any firearm involved. If your laws are like Texas', you'll not be required to keep any records or obtain ID from the buyer.

Or, just sell the damn thing to the ATF. It'll be in Mexico soon enough.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Gerry Nygaard

SSS. Shoot, Shovel, Shut up.

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