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October 05, 2011



Back in NJ about '73, I helped my Dad run a boat down to a marina with a hoist. Last cruise for the old girl. I was told it had been the Queen of the '29 NY Boat Show. Big cabin, maybe 42footer, no rear deck IIRC. Pretty well rotted, and boats were worth nothing at that time. People were abandoning them all over the NJ area. I imagine it had twin straight 6's originally. Dad got it for the engine setup. Had twin Ford Industrial/Marine 302 cu in V8's. He was afraid to throttle them up in the old girl, thought they might rip loose, or bust up the hull from torque. That would have been quite a boat when newer.

We put the engines in a custom full lapstrake sportfisher of around 32ft. Can't remember the builders name (I did a search, but nothing looked correct. Was a big name builder in the NEast area, good rep.) This was built in the mid-late 60's for a millionaire who went bust. All mahogany and teak, on their regular boatplan. Original engines were International? v8's with a really low profile intake system (updraft carbs?). We had to raise the deck maybe six inches for carb clearance, as the oil pans were already down to the hull, IIRC. Dad sold it before it was finished, unfortunately. Needed the money, I guess. Never found out. Beautiful boat. Wish he had kept it. He was always buying and selling boats as a sideline.

My memory's bad for names, for some reason. Used to be just poor, now it's bad. Oh well. Dad died a few years ago, so can't ask.

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