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October 27, 2011



I'm thinking you would need more than one flag to get the point across to a majority of viewers. As David mentions, the US flag, followed by the "Don't Tread On Me", and a final one: Skull and Bones, Pirate flag.


I'm rather partial to 13 stripes alternating red and white, with 50 starts on a blue field in the upper left quadrant.

There was a time when such a flag or logo stood for freedom, independence and self-reliance. I think its about time we start making sure that it stands for all those things again.


DiVinci's "Scope of Man", with various tools, one of which is a gun, in each hand.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX


Ragin' Dave: Good one!


A number of ants carrying off an expired grasshopper?

Ragin' Dave

You could use a pair of bootstraps, but I'm willing to bet most folks wouldn't know what they were. Having to explain the flag makes it a bit less effective.


How 'bout a flag showing a fully adult white male pulling his very own self out of his mother's womb?

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