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November 09, 2011



The tragedy of the loss of the Edmund Fitzgerald was only compounded by the fact that Lightfoot recorded that song. Thus, there are two tragedies associated with the ship.

Pistol Packing Patriot Padre

Quote from Ron's post... "The intense low that Dr. Mass refers to is moving north into the Arctic and won't affect the Pac NW. However, this large storm is expected to spawn a new low (which is quite common) over the Aleutians and that will move our way. It will bring western WA rain on Friday. This new low will be well up north in BC/Alberta and only have a central pressure of 992 mb/hPa, so nowhere near the strength of its parent low". The Padre... "whatever the outcome, now or in the future, God is making Himself known and asking the question, "will you continue to ignore me".

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