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November 28, 2011


Gerry N,

Or any grease. That's why I save a few tin cans under the sink, to put hot grease in. Then let it cool and solidify, then into the garbage. Much safer and no grease to plug the kitchen drain. I also keep about a cup of bacon drippings to cook with. There is no way to better tasting fried eggs than to fry 'em in bacon drippings. Or to sautee greens. Or mushrooms.


Stupid woman to pour hot grease down a drain in the first place! Or even tepid grease. Where was her mama when she was a girl?


Sorry about the typos and misspellings. I have just imbibed a couple.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You are flying at my altitude, JTG. You'll need to worry when you can keyboard perfectly while imbibed, because then, you are a Reporter!



We call it "bumping" when you heat at test tube full of something acqueous at the bottom. Some of used to do that for fun, being boys.

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