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November 10, 2011



I had a meeting with my coaches today, an ad-hoc review of the law and policy. My policy. I told them that regardless of their rules, their policies, or their understanding of the law, that if they came into the locker room and found someone raping a kid, they were to immediately call the police. Me or one of my brethren. Immediately provide sworn statements about what they saw, immediately get medical care for the victim. I told them that if I got to school the next morning and found out they didn't do these things, I would arrest them as an accessory, carry their sorry butts to jail and recommend no bond. Any Questions? Class dismissed.


In the reports I have heard today the grad student that reported the rape is the #2 villain in the crime. 28 years old at the time-did not know what to do-called his father for guidance-did not stop the rape-did not call the police. WTF. The people who knew of this crime and did not report it to the police are guilty of every crime committed by Sandusky after they knew. The excuse of"just following orders" or protocall does not cut it. PSU officials are responsible for the safety on campus.
If it had been you, or PAWPAW who witnessed this crime I am sure the outcome would have ended favorable to the child and no scandal would have occurred. Is it only elder farts that have balls?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks Fred, I needed that. Yes, I would have known exactly what to do if confronted by that horrible scene. I would have barked an order, and if the order had not been instantly obeyed, I would have taken the rapist under fire, and you DON'T want to come under my fire. I had occasion to do that as a Deputy Sheriff, catching a rapist "in flagrante delicto". He surrendered to me and my 870 Remington, despite being armed with a usable semi-auto pistol. He's still doing 14-20 years. I got a Sheriff's "atta-boy" out of it.

I would have had some attorney fees, but I have reserves for that, and ultimately I would have prevailed, legally, and probably written a book about it, too.

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