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December 26, 2011


Patriot  Padre

I pray in that memorable and mysterious Pelham Cottage, there was "a wardrobe" and one found the elusive, but oh so close true meaning of life. If not then, it's not too late to still find the way..... the "wardrobe" still exists... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naO8TyQi0-8&feature=related


Rivrsis has fond memories of the cottage, too. And the "help". And the mysterious, secret-drawer-laden, Napoleonic (from the Emperor's household) black-lacquer chinoiserie chest that occupied pride of place in the drawing room, along with the silken drapes crumbling in the damp English weather, the tiny, spindly gold-leafed formal chairs, and the various dignified other appointments. The rest of the house was more modest. There was the worm-eaten conservatory which had been converted into a gentleman's bar, the big kitchen which had the original large fireplace with its cooking utensils, the wonderful Persian carpets, the tiny wine cellar chipped out of the rock the house sat on, with ancient wines still stored there, and much more. It was great fun living there, right next to an exciting bomb site, where a huge bomb had wiped out a large number of Georgian residences adjoining Pelham Cottage. Ah, reminiscences...


Showing my Ignorance here, but I always thought Boxing Day was higlighted by fisticuffs.

Enough whiskey in the help, and who knows what might happen.

It's raining "like a cow pissing on a flat rock" here. The bullfrogs are drowning and fence posts are floating out of the ground. Nothing to do outside, so I'm doing nothing inside.

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