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December 01, 2011



P.s. I helped her to arm herself, as the $cientologists were snooping around her house and she was scared for the lives of her kittehs and her own life. We picked out a S&W 442 which she seems to point-shoot instinctually quite well. That is a good thing, as I can't get her to exercise with the thing. She has a GA carry permit for it.


On the $cientologists: It may not be physically possible to thwack them as hard as they deserve.

I have a personal interest, here. My former Sweety, later ex-Sweety, now bitter-Sweety (she deigns to send me emails from time to time) has been engaged in a personal "jihad" against those a-holes for about twenty years or so. They stole her original boyfriend (also childhood friend) away from her, and she has never forgotten and never forgiven. She has led picketing protests against the $cientologists in the Atlanta region, and faced cops with grenade launchers, deluded by the Elronian bullshit. She then went all by her self to the DeKalb County Sheriff's office and explained to them the difference between committed conscientious people like herself and the Anonymous guys who were just in it "for the Lulz!"

She goes by Ethercat on the Web, most specially at alt.religion.scientology. Yup, she is old-school and does the most of her Web work on newsgroups. She maintains a site called "Through the Door", at which ex-$cientologists can write about what caused them to quit and leave.

I feel very sorry for everybody whom Elron banished to the chain locker in that rusty old ship of his. His successors seem even worse.


I thought that the Feds had superior, overpowering jurisdiction over all navigable waters? I mean, anything one fathom or deeper.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Feds have navigational jurisdiction over waters used in international shipping, and since the Port of Portland does a lot of shipping from the Willamette, they have jurisdiction, even up past Oregon City, where the Feds maintain the oldest, operable navigation locks in the USA. Of course, all the Federal orgs have jurisdiction over the Willamette for the purposes of maintaining the salmon runs, too, as well as for Flood Control. The City of Portland needs to pull it's head out of the dark place it secreted it and realize that the Feds are far better equipped than they to manage the river. In Oregon, municipalities managing rivers is something the Oregon Constitution just does not imagine, with a rare case or two of the cities being allowed un-connected jurisdiction over watersheds for their municipal water supplies. So, what the City wants to do is just not supported by any legal foundation, but that doesn't seem to stop them, they bull right ahead and want to "convene" all the true authorities to let them know that yes, By God, the NEED the authority, because they will then manage the River for the Good of Gaia.

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