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January 11, 2012



Rivrsis, I'm not saying that "angry black woman" is necessarily evil. Sometimes it takes anger just to move the burden you need to move. Hell, my new company is built on anger to a degree, and my success with it will depend on being able to properly harness that anger. Michelle Obama was (when she started out in public life) and maybe, still is now, an anger-driven person. What I can't figure out is why she thinks she needs to change that.

Some succeed by guile, some by anger, some by just plain persistence, some by all three of those motivators.


He bro. Don't buy into the anti-Michelle crap. Just read the comments to these articles about her. You'd think every other man or woman in the country has a noose ready and a nice big tree limb to make use of on sight of a black person, and an "don't you dare get above yourself, you uppity woman" attitude. This country's not only not going anywhere, it's going W A Y backward!


From the left, they ALL look crazy, but Ron Paul is probably the craziest, and has a long history of racism to boot. How well will that go over if he's elected? Forget being a world power, we'd be worse than a laughingstock. And if we elect this mean idiot we'd deserve it!

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