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January 30, 2012



Well, yes. As an Anglican kind of guy I believe that all things should be done in good order, with due ceremony, and no irregularities will be tolerated.

Larry Ward

My recollection of the recording of others law, even tho I retired about 17+ years ago is that if you intend to intercept conversations between two people, that both must be made award that the recording is taking place. On the phone, only one needs be aware. Tinny rate, I could be wrong as I don't keep informed on laws any more, mostly. The Oregonian reported that the green guy did inform the officer that he was recording, later the officer asked if it was being recorded and reacted when told yes. I generally favor the cops but I think the officer screwed up.


If cops/other armed authorities want to stop people from videoing activities, they'd have to take away hundreds of smart phones from participants, bystanders, people in windows above, satellite photos, etc. Can't be done any more. Shouldn't be done either.

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