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January 23, 2012



As an old band nerd, I think I have some authority here.

First, it is not a march, being in 3/4 time. Second, it is to be sung communally, not by some silly Emo soloist. Third, when done right, with the Fillmore, or trumpeting arrangement, it should be played at a good quick tempo. Fourth, it sounds even better with afterburners, as my high-school band did at an Orange Bowl game in 1968. (We arranged to have a couple of F-4s pass over at "the bombs bursting in air") Fifth, Rivrsis, it's not hard to sing if you know how to sing. When I was a kid, nobody had any problem with singing it.

Ragin' Dave

Every single pop artist who sings the Star Spangled Banner makes me want to jab icepicks into my ears. The last time I heard it properly sung on TV was when a country band sang it a cappella.

I think the entire country would be better served if you found a military band or choir to perform the National Anthem at every game on TV. There are bands from every branch of the military spread around the country. Use 'em. Call up the All American Choir from Ft. Bragg and get them on TV. Stop wasting time on no-talent hacks and washed up artists. The military music would be cheaper, better, and more appreciated as a whole.


It's hard enough to sing, without the unfortunate efforts at elaborate vocal ornamentation you hear too much. Either a growling or a caterwauling.


Could not agree more! It's sad that so many people go out of their way to screw it up.


One more thing, the Star Spangled Banner is a march. It is not American Idol "look what I can do with my voice!!!!"


Amen! Could not agree more...

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