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February 23, 2012



Whatever their motivations, the City Council planners at least showed some knowledge of which side their bread is buttered on. Can't say the same for NOAA.

Interestingly enough, the Oregonian editorial page echoed your concern and your political fact that in an environmental State, it's an easy sell to hawk an enviro project in someone else's back yard. The editors mentioned this in regards to a bill creating more square miles of prohibited-fishing off the coast, as if banning harvesting of groundfish within the three-mile limit can actually bring back the depleted stocks of groundfish. Why didn't the Bill just ban nets? Why ban the occasional coastal fisherman who goes out on a stormless day to drop a line or two from his boat and feed his family or have a pleasant time on the ocean? But NOOOOO, one size must fit all, and THAT, dear Rivrsis, is what CONTROL is about, not what fish management is about. When you strip away the pretty veneers, most of these sorts of environmental projects are simply about imposing control where none existed before. Can you make a CASE for control? Doesn't matter, if you are SAVING THE PLANET AND ALL THE LITTLE FISHIES.



Re your boo-hiss: This is another "rewilding" gambit. There are many efforts of this sort. This one is unusually destructive. Usually they target a small population and make the pitch to a larger, eco-friendly majority who don't really care if the project ruins lives other than their own. This notion (shallow/meandering Willamette), however, is destructive or potentially so to millions of people. Here at the headwaters, it's already started, because we upwater river-dwellers are few in comparison to the well-meaning general population, many of whom may even envy us living or otherwise owning property along the high tributaries. We all need to start calling this movement (which can only be accomplished by the death of billions of humans) what it is: "rewilding".

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