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February 21, 2012


Windy Wilson

You make a good case for carrying the big stick and speaking soft nothings to those who threaten us harm. Isn't it considered amongst the Muslims that the end times will begin when their holy places are destroyed? I recall reading that somewhere, so threatening to destroy Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem and Qom may not have as much deterrent effect as threatening to destroy Moscow had.
You do make a good case for letting them know what will happen once they join the big-boys club. Maybe destroying Teheran with the leaders present would be a more effective deterrent. I think to make it believable now, Teleprompter boy would have to leaflet the cities and have their air force unable to stop it.
And I'm sorry if that is disrespectful to PotUS, but he hasn't exactly lead with brio. Or wisdom.

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