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February 03, 2012


Kurt P

Why would you want to give the Liberals at Google any more information on yourself than they've already been able to stockpile...AND access to (Some of)your bank accounts?


I don't understand how the Greens can try to shut down motor boating? Have they never heard of navigable waterways?


Here's how it works, PawPaw. They pack up, like feral dogs, and begin to howl. Their howls are predictable: "It's so pretty here, we need to keep this pristine lake/stream/bywater the way Nature intended it to be". Or. "We would love to share that water, but we are so terrified by those motorboats racing around that we never take our kayak/canoe out anymore. We need water set aside for us". Add that to the phoney science tossed in for good measure, "power boats scare off the wildlife from their habitat in the mudbanks along shore" - I proved, in testimony before the Marine Board, that such a rubric just isn't true, because all you have to do is take a water where they HAVE banned or restricted motorboats and compare it to a similar water where they haven't, and you see no difference. After my testimony, my main opposition, Mike Houck of Urban Greenspaces, shut up and didn't say another thing for the whole hearing.

These idiots CAN be beaten back, and that's why I formed this company. I'm not alone, "Green" is on the run everywhere, due to it's lying and excesses. If everyone who had an opportunity to do so, went to just ONE of these "hearings" which are trumped up to promote the Green agenda, and wore a US Flag prominently, we can convince the rest of the un-involved world that Green is un-American. If we can do that, we can bury it once and for all.


I have sent bucks to Mike at Sipsey Street through Paypal and of the three one went through, WTF?
Where is the money now?
On their page they say "your funds may be frozen while we evaluate"
OK lefty, gimme my money back, and I'll write a f*ckin' check.

Patriot Padre

Check out PayPal on Wikipedia (Criticism & Limitations and Litigation), as well as PayPalSucks. Good nose Dog sniffing out these vermin. PayPal should be avoided! Not just them, but anyone they're linked to and associated with (including eBay). Consumer pressure and hitting these greedy, unscrupulous bastards in the pocketbook is all they understand.

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