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March 25, 2012



I hit 7th grade after 6 yrs in a private school. The 2nd day of class, I got called out by a skinny black kid. Dad taught me to stand up for meself, so I showed after school behind the gym, scared spitless (1st real fight for me). I took one swing, then came to on my back. He got me (I heard later) once on cheek, then 2 more on the way down. Turns out he was a Golden Gloves dude who went on to win some locally. I never had another prob w/ the bullies, and he had my back from then on. Always stand your ground, even if you KNOW you're gonna lose.


As the daughter of the same father, in those long-ago, non-PC days, I was less regarded as something to teach to defend herself. When as a tiny 6 year old I went off to school, I was only told not to "take candy from strangers". I WAS verbally defended my mother at school when "Wolfgang", an older, bigger son of a diplomat from recently-defeated Germany, decided I required daily kissing. And I was taught, with little leather boxing gloves, to box Rivrdog - two little kids waling away at each other! None of this did any good in later sexual assaults, however. Glad my bro learned some useful stuff and now I have, too.

Gerry Nygaard

I've only had one bullying incident. I was a Sophmore in High School and one of the "Jocks" had targeted me for abuse. One afternoon he stepped out of a recessed doorway about a block from school and punched me in the nose. I saw red and punched back as hard as I could. I missed his nose and hit squareley on his Adam's Apple. He went down making the scariest racking, gasping noises and holding his throat. I beat feet for home and went to school next day half scared out of my wits. The "jocks" stayed well clear of me, and the guy was out for a week, coming to school in a neck brace which he wore for about a month. The next year we were in gym class together and got to be pretty good friends.

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