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March 20, 2012


Professor Hale

i've known this for a long time. It isn't just a coincedence that malaria used to be common in the "White" world and now it is unheard of. But eradication efforts stopped just as it was going to Africa.

Junkscience.com has a lot of info on this.


This has been known for some. When I brought it up to a liberal (notice small l) friend several years ago, the best she could come up with was that she didn't want to drink DDT. Still haven't figured out how that entered into the discussion, but it seemed the best she could do.
I'm tryin' to figure out how inadvertent genocide is anything but genocide. Then again, those who've forgotten "The Rape of Nanking" might miss the fact that, to the English speaking world, it seemed a minor problem, as it was only Yellow People doin' something to other Yellow People.
And, if I remember correctly, the beginning of the big push for birth control in this country was started by Sanger in the hope of keepin' those of a darker skin tone from breeding too much.
Not meanin' to step on anybody's toes here, but sheesh, if banning DDT to save a few bugs 'n' birds in this country and knowing there was no replacement for stopping the spread of malaria amongst the po' folks around the world doesn't seem like a hate crime that's based on the outcome of causin' suffering for people of colour around the world... Oh, wait, hate crimes can only be committed by those of a certain political persuasion. Never mind.
Thanks for keepin' this out here, Rivrdog. Maybe, just maybe, it'll open the eyes of some of the Greenies who haven't convinced Congress to repeal the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Rob J


Sheesh. If it IS a genocide, it would be an INADVERTENT one, not and intentional one!!!

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