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March 30, 2012



I've had the bastards flood me out, twice. Both times torrential rains filled a reservoir and they opened the flood gates to save the expensive homes that had built too close to the lake. All that water has to go somewhere, and there is a huge pulse of water that overcomes the ability of the natural drainage to absorb it. SO, I'd call the Corps and say "I know you had to open the gates to save the rich folks, but what are we poor bastards downstream supposed to do with all this water?" I never did get a good answer from those people.

Gerry Nygaard

A buddy of mine, now deceased, had some vacation property along the banks of the Stilliguamish River in NW WA. About fifteen or so years ago we had a "100 year rainfall" and he got the privilegbe of watching his cottage and land go downstream. His things are now part of the Stilliquamish delta in N. Puget Sound. That was when I decided that if I needed to enjoy nature along a riverbank, I'd do it from the door of either my tent or pickup camper on much higher ground. I don't know about OR., but Industrial Property owners in WA such as Weyerheauser, and other timberland owners are usually very open to me camping on their land as I have made it a practice to ask permission, then camp only at an existing fire ring either of found stones or a built fire pit. I've even fed several Company Rangers over the years. The Corporate attitude seems to be "Mi Casa es Su Casa" as long as I behave politely and don't leave a mess when I go home. A short thank you note at the end of hunting, fishing, or camping season never hurts either. Now, someone explain to me why I began rambling.


Many thanks, bro. The river's back in its banks now, barely. Another tree along here just fell in the river a half hour ago - many have gone down lately, some with the wind, some with the extremely heavy several inches of wet snow. Some spring, eh?

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