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April 13, 2012



Well, I'll second the no free market since the 20's, as that is about the time we started with Government Control. As to Oil, the stock market, and the Federal Reserve, these are the children of control.

My point was when we allow the goverenment to control anything, we risk control of all things.


'Twould be nice, but Mittens is Bush1 through n through. He'll trade some 2A for what he wants, count on it.



You cannot "control" a free market. That is why is called free. Control the market and it is a small step to control guns and health care.

It all works together.


By no stretch of the imagination is our economy a "free market" any more, if it ever was. Oil: what about Cartel Control escapes you, PaulB? Investments: how are derivatives and option exchanges controlling all securities prices on whims and rumors a Free Market? Money supply: what about the Executive's ability to print fiat money, and transfer funds to failing foreign economies is ANY part of a "free market" (hint: if there were a free market in the money supply end of the economy, failing national economies would ALWAYS be allowed to fail). No, we don't live in a free-market world, anymore, and haven't since MAYBE the 1920's. The history books tell us that much.

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